What Ingredients Make For A Viable Business?

In the early days, when you are running a small business, it can be difficult knowing whether you are on the right track. Advice and information abound, and yet so much of it seems to be contradictory. As a small business owner, the last thing you want is to make any dramatic mistakes. The slightest […]


Rules For Hiring Your First Employee

Flickr Hiring your very first employee is a momentous step for your business. It shows that you are doing well enough to start expanding and developing further. But if you’ve never hired someone before, the task can seem quite challenging. The first person you hire will shape your business and influence future employees. So the […]


Simple Ways To Improve Employee Attendance

Absenteeism is a big cost to businesses in the UK. Employees that don’t show up to work put more pressure on those that do, destabilising processes. Often, it’s the very people you most need to show up who turn out to be the most prone to absence. Meanwhile the rest of your employees who do […]


Making Sure Your Business Looks Professional

You might have heard this before but it’s a point that’s worth nailing down. In business and the business world, appearance is everything. It doesn’t matter if you’re delivering an inferior product to your customers and clients. If it looks better, you’re still going to get their business. This is all about ensuring that your […]